Behavior Assessment System for Children, 2nd Edition – Parent Rating Scale, 6-11 years old (BASC -2 (6-11))

The BASC-2 (6-11) a 160-item informant-report questionnaire assessing the adaptive and problem behaviors of children (ages 6 – 11) in the community and home setting. It provides scores for the following scales: anger control, bullying, developmental social disorders, emotional self-control, executive functioning, negative emotionality, and resiliency. Informants report on the child’s behavior in the last several months using a 4- point scale: 0-never, 1-sometimes, 2-often, 3-almost always.

Domains Assessed: Aggression and Oppositionality, Anxiety, Attention Problems and Hyperactivity, Depression and Mood, Personality Traits, Psychotic and Atypical Behavior, Risk Taking and Impulsive Behavior, Social Interaction

Note: This BASC-2 (6-11) is given to guardians of child participants who range in age from 6-11 years old.

References: Reynolds, C. R., & Kamphaus, R. W. (1992). BASC: Behavior assessment system for children: Manual. American Guidance Service, Incorporated.

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